Counselor George Lutterodt has escalated his notorious long-running feud with musician Ebony.

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In a latest twist to the saga, the Counselor took to his Facebook page to troll Ebony using her childhood photo and quoting her latest song "date your father."

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"No one is Ugly! Look at Ebony now..Today she wants to date people's fathers..smh," Counselor Lutterodt captioned the photo.

Last month, the controversial counselor chastised Ebony, deeming her as a disgrace to femininity.

He said Ebony's hunger for fame has clouded her sense of decency and prays that God strips her of her talent so as to restore her back to decency.

In a rebuttal, Ebony quoted the popular Bible verse, John 8:7: “So this man said am a disgrace to femininity and God should take away my talent. Smh #hewithoutsincastthefirststone #dateurfada”.