Ghanaians doubt Mahama's assurance to put money in their pockets

Ghanaians have expressed skepticism about President Mahama's assurances that they will have a better economy with a positive impact on their pockets after he is given a second term.


President John Mahama had argued that his first four years in office has been spent improving the social infrastructure of the country which had been in dire need of a face lift for some time now.

Speaking at the Inauguration of one of the Community Day Senior High Schools at Kwaobaah Nyanoa in the Eastern Region on Thursday, February 4, 2016, President Mahama admonished Ghanaians to bear with the present challenges in the country.


"Currently, in all the road construction that’s going on in this country, 95 percent of the contractors are Ghanaians and not foreigners. And so by doing this, we are expanding the road construction industry and making Ghanaians take advantage of the commanding heights of that particular industry."

But a section of Ghanaians spoke to were doubtful about his latest comments.

Kwame, a shoe hawker in Accra said "I don't believe that statement. Already, there is hardship in Ghana. Fares have also gone up. This government cannot do anything for us. My message for Ghanaians is to vote out this government."

Abu, a secondhand cloth dealer, who was roaming the streets for customers said Mahama's statement should be taken with a pinch of salt.

"It is not possible for him to do that. I've been roaming since morning for customers, but I'm not getting any. So what he is saying is not true. He is only saying that to gain votes," he fumed.


For Mimi, a hairdresser at East Legon, the president's comment is rather unbelievable.

"How is he going to put money in my pocket? He is saying next year he is going to put money in our pockets. I want to know how he is going to do it because seriously, we have passed through a lot. And the way he is talking about putting money into our pockets, is he coming door-to-door to do that or  what?" she wondered.

However, Agyemang, a plumber in Accra said he believes strongly that Mahama can fulfill his promise, as he is already witnessing improvement in his life.

"I believe he can do it, God willing, money can be put in our pockets. Rome was not built in a day, and also countries like Malaysia and others went through hardships before getting improvement. I am already beginning to see improvement in my life because previously it was difficult for me to pay my children's school fees, but now I can," he said.


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