Former Rector of GIMPA and renowned academician,

He said the output of the staffers is what is important and not the actual numbers.

“On the surface, almost 1000 presidential staffers seems too big. The big questions is, what are they doing? In these things, the numbers per se are not the most important because it’s about input and output. The line of interrogation should be what the number of staffers are producing and not just talk about the numbers. I think Ghanaians must demand accountability,” he said.

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President Akufo Addo last week submitted the list of staffers at the Jubilee House to Parliament as part of requirements by the Executive to the legislature.

And the list revealed that, currently there are 998 workers at the Presidency. A development that has caught the ire of a section of Ghanaians.

But Professor Adei thinks the numbers are not necessarily a drain on national coffers and President Akufo-Addo should be judged on his output after his tenure.