Manchester United legend Eric Cantona believes England will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup and everything seems to be pointing to that according to the controversial former France international.

Cantona is emerging as a numerologist because he believes the numbers 2018 and 1966 are favour of England and here is how he explained the coincidence.

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The man who is adored by the English for his contribution to Manchester United illustrated that the last time England won the Mundial was 1966 so he squared all the numbers in 1966 and multiplied them

: 1 *9 *6*6= 104, 976

He divided the 104, 976 by the number of years they last won which is 52

Hence, 104, 976/52 = 2018.7692

He elaborated saying that this year is 2018, so it tallies with the final results, whereas the ‘7’ after the point represents July.

He added the ‘6’ and ‘9’ to get ‘15’ which is the date for the final and the last number which is ‘2’ stands for England’s second title

France have already booked a place in the final and they are awaiting the winning semi-finalists of the game between England and Croatia on Wednesday.