7 valuable items every university student should own

You better get them if you don't have.

The necessity of sticking to a budget means that the ability to determine when it makes sense to spend and when it makes sense to save is a pretty invaluable one.

Having being a college student before, I can relate to the sort of lifestyle that supports an industry of instant-noodle foods bought in bulk.

And so I was so pretty strict with my spending, except for the times when I really need something that might require more of an investment than Easy Mac, like a good external hard drive or a productivity app that will maximize my current educational investment.


Not everything that makes your life simpler as a student or a young adult has to be expensive. Many of the bargain products really do perform the same as their higher-priced peers.

In the interest of saving you the most on products that will make your life run more smoothly, I put together a list of high-value items, both inexpensive and higher-priced, that is worth it for a college kid.

A light, but powerful computer

Laptops are a must-have for everyone in this day and age. Even more so for students, as coursework needs to be uploaded to online platforms. So unless you want to spend your life at the library, invest in a computer.

External Hard Drive


Backing up your work frequently is the number one lesson you learn at university. Usually, you learn it after you spend days on an essay and your coursework suddenly goes up up in cyber smoke because your laptop died. Trust me, buying an external hard drive and a couple of USB sticks will save you some tears.

A work-appropriate backpack

If your day requires you to go from two different environments with speed and efficiency, such as class and an internship, you will know the value of a good backpack.

A fast-charging portable battery

Whether you are commuting to work, stuck in a classroom with one outlet, or traveling and don't want to sit on the floor next to a trash can to charge your phone, having an external battery is a minor miracle.


An academic diary

It saved my life when I started, especially if you join loads of clubs and societies, keeping track if everything going on can be a nightmare.

A dependable alarm clock

Juggling class, work, friends, and every other variable of life as a student is exceptionally tiring. And the body will prioritize your sleep over the interview you have at 11 a.m.

Ear or headphones


Earbuds tend to bleed sound and many of the work spaces at both a university and office are primarily public.

If you want to block out someone chewing in the library or just listen to your own music without drawing attention to yourself, it's smart to invest in solid over-ear headphones.


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