The threat by the Ghana Medical Association  to resign en masse may be imminent after the President indicated that he is not ready to spend outside the budget.

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"What is wrong if a doctor or group of doctors decide that please give us our  conditions of service such that it will fall in line with the very document called the labour act that seeks to guide all of us in this industrial relations we are engaged in" Deputy General Secretary of the GMA Justice Yankson told Citi FM.

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He was reacting to President John Mahama's decision not to spend outside the budget.  The President speaking at the 80th anniversary of the the Ghana Midwives Association said government will not derail the efforts made in the implementation of the Single Spine Pay Policy.

Doctors are on a partial strike after several warnings to government to give them conditions of service.  The second phase of their strike which will be to withdraw emergency and inpatient services will take effect on Friday. The next step will be to resign en masse.

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Dr. Yankson said the GMA will not engage in a war of words with the President.

"We have submitted our proposals to the employer and let's leave it at that. Dr.Yankson said  "whatever his pleasure is as the president on this matter is his prerogative."

He said he would have to consider if he can continue to work for the government.  This will be a decision members of the association would have to make in the coming days considering the position of the President.

"Personally I know I cannot continue under this condition." Dr. Yankson said