5 things emotionally intelligent people don't do

An emotionally intelligent person exhibits a positive attitude towards work and social responsibilities and are mostly enthusiastic, here's what they won't do.


An emotionally intelligent person thinks the best possible thing will happen, and hopes for it even if it's not likely. They strive to have a positive mental attitude with the tendency to having a favorable view on situations in life.

They exhibit it everywhere they find themselves and it becomes difficult to understand some times. They exhibit a positive attitude towards work and social responsibilities and are mostly enthusiastic. Here are five things they would never engage in.

They don’t gossip

Emotionally intelligent people will have no time at their wit ends to  sit and talk about other people. They have something going up for them every minute of passing time and that is what makes them great. they do not involve themselves in disreputable conversations but rather that which will yield up progress.

They don’t complain

Picky little complains are something they never do. They always look for the positive aspects of every negative situation and turn it into a reality. Whatever goes wrong, they take the blame and and try to find solutions immediately rather than apportioning blames on others because definitely they do not like making other people feel bad. They also know that their complaints influence the emotional responses of those around them, and instead will find that trusted family member and share their griefs with when it becomes necessary.

They don’t count on others for happiness or confidence

Emotionally intelligent people  have rather few friends ,many at times they are rarely seen with group of people at a particular spot or gathering because they do not need  to rely on other people for their happiness and encouragement. They are self-sufficient in all manners of life, including their contentment and peace of mind. They engage in movies and find hobbies that would make them smile and laugh all times.

They don’t dwell on the past

According to lifehack.com, emotionally intelligent people honor their past, the people they have loved, the mistakes they have made, the opportunities they’ve eschewed  but are mindful of the importance of living squarely in the here and now.

By learning from the past (instead of dwelling on it), the emotionally intelligent have the power to inform their present  without diminishing their ability to advance or harness three of the most vital emotions of all: Self-satisfaction, gratitude, and hope.

They don’t engage in negative self-talk

Hardly do you hear emotionally intelligent people  involve in self talk. example, I'm a failure, I'm a disappointments, I'm ugly etc. While few of us are prone to stuff like that entirely, emotionally intelligent have the ability to curb sarcastic thoughts before they become relevant.

Just a bit more optimism can make you healthier, wealthier, and happier!


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