A 51-year-old woman was reportedly sentenced after she forwarded a WhatsApp video showing a little girl believed to be between two and three years old being raped by a grown up man.

Jadesola Agbalade, a Nigerian living in Ireland is reported to have said that her intension for helping in circulation of the video considered to be child pornography was to create awareness about the dangers of lack of vigilance over children.

Further investigations revealed that the video in contention was an international clip that has been in circulation since 2014.

Reports say Judge Karen O’Connor who heard evidence in the case in October said the case it required very detailed consideration.

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According to Africanspotlight.com, the mother of three children pleaded guilty to to one count of knowingly distributing child pornography on July 20th, 2016.

She told Gardaí that: “I didn’t know it wasn’t right. I’m sorry.”

But she was reportedly sentenced on November 9, 2017.