Decade old marriage dissolved because wife bathes only once a year

The woman, identified only by her surname as Lin, bathes only once every year and washes her hair or brushes her teeth occasionally.

According to, the man told Taipei Times that his wife was bathing weekly during their dating period, but he endured it apparently with the hope that things would get better.

However, Lin’s habit rather worsened, as she reduced the frequency to once a month after their wedding.


The unnamed plaintiff went to court to seek divorce after the wife’s bad sanitary habit had worsened more from monthly to yearly.

As a result of the yearly bathing, the couple reportedly had sex only once a year and were not able to bear any child after about a decade of being married.

Another problem the man had was that, both of them were unemployed and the woman would not allow him to work. He is quoted as having said, “We remained poor, as neither of us had a job. I had an opportunity to work as a building security guard,” but the woman prevented him from taking up the job, saying it was too “demeaning”.

The man reportedly decided to take the bull by the horn and went out to get a job, but Lin reportedly showed up at the new workplace again and demanded that he quit the job.


It was at this point that the man took the decision to seek a divorce. The divorce was granted because the court was of the view that it was fueled by work, family chores, and hygiene.

It also held that, for the couple to have live separately for two years meant that the marriage had really hit the rocks and could not be fixed.


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