The new two-lane

Commuters and road users who ply the East Legon tunnel to Accra and Spintex and vice versa will not be in traffic for hours anymore.

The new 8.5-meter wide tunnel has helped to ease traffic in that area of Accra as it has ensured a continuous two-way flow of traffic instead of the previous alternating flows that motorists were experiencing under the old one-way 4.5-meter wide tunnel.

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Popularly called the under-bridge, commuters of that particular stretch have finally been answered as the traffic situation in the area has eased.

The 4.5-meter wide tunnel was constructed in the 1950s.

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The old tunnel was constructed to serve as a cattle crossing point when the motorway was opened to traffic in November of 1965 but as residential developments expanded at East Legon and beyond, it became prudent to convert the cattle crossing for vehicular use under an alternating one-way traffic system.