The life of a female TV presenter in Ghana

A Pulse Blogger writes on the struggles a female Ghanaian TV presenter faces in the quest to rise up the ranks in the industry.

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The world of a female TV presenter isn’t an easy one; it requires a tough skin, a cold calculating skill and it’s definitely not for the fainthearted.


It’s a long taciturn expedition which has many a times numerous rocky patches. The genesis of getting the job can be likened to the saying the struggles of man begin at birth.

This is not a ‘Little Red Book’ but just an idea of the life of a Female TV presenter.

The Hustle to get on TV

The quest for fame and wealth is why a predominant number of ladies flunk various media houses to acquire a job as a TV presenter. In recent times the avalanche for ladies keen on making it on screen gives TV stations a wide array of choices and with that comes its attendant problems. You either have to be exceptionally talented, brilliant or use the back door. In most cases the back door means compromising your values to a few big wigs in the company. It may look a bit farfetched but the desperation by some ladies to be TV presenters make them easy prey for such unscrupulous employees.

Getting the nod

Once you qualify by merit or through the back door the actual journey begins. The early jitters on screen and getting accustomed to the TV life can be a tall order. The natural selection process comes in; as some settle in quickly whiles other take a long time to adapt and others come to a painful realization that they just don’t make the cut. It suddenly trickles in that it’s not as rosy as it looks like on the outside. The fight for equality with the male presenters and the snares cast by them when a female presenter begins to bloom is quite on the high. Gossiping and back biting is the order of the day in the TV world and the earlier it settles in the better.

The Fame

As a female presenter a few months or a year on TV brings a lot of exposure, it can be a bit overwhelming when the average Joe can spot one out or the ministers can call out your name casually. It doesn’t end there, society will have a tall list of standards to meet some a bit over the top. Trying to meet all these so called standards can ruin a female presenter. Keeping up appearances is on the high in the TV World.


I kid you not, your first paycheck as a female TV presenter cannot buy you a ticket to the Barbados or keep up with the Louboutin or the latest fashion trends. The expectation to fulfill these standards sometimes ends up with these Female on air personalities finding themselves in bad company. Others end up incurring debts just because they want to live beyond their monthly income. Drake never lied when he said “doing things beyond your budget” that’s sadly a reality for some female presenters.

Love Life

The love life of a TV female presenter is anything but normal from secret admirers to stalkers. The notion that Female Presenters are high maintenance drives away middle income earners from making advances. Those who decide to pursue dating such women are saddled with insecurities of a ‘big man’ coming to snatch away their lady. In some cases these female presenters are just seen as a trophy case just to show off to pals and nothing more serious. Family approval of lady presenters is always on the low with the usual fear of infidelity with ministers or people in high authorities.

The life of a female TV presenter is not a walk in the park; it takes determination, resilience to attain great heights in the TV industry. These are just challenges that a lady presenter deals with on a regular.


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