Students of the University of Cape Coast have pushed back hard against the suspension of 22 students for engaging in violent activities during a hall week celebration in March.

They described the suspension as unfair and discriminatory because the Hall master of Atlantic Hall and the Dean of Student Affairs were not sanctioned.

They argued that the 22 students were punished based on the “ultimate responsibility” rule.

A student interviewed said the Atlantic Hall week celebration was approved by the Hall Master and the Dean of Student Affairs therefore the ultimate responsibility rule must apply to them as well.

One student in an interview with Joy FM said: “You are punishing the students, the organising committee and the [Hall] executives.

“They should be responsible for the officers they hold. Then it is also reasonable, it is also fair that it should contain up to the top.

“You should not punish from down to a certain level then leave the top because they can’t be punished.

“The Hall Master of Atlantic Hall and the Dean of Student Affairs should have resigned long before.”

Another student also said: “They planned the week celebration with the consent of the Hall authorities. The Hall Master and the Junior Hall tutor and the others. If they have consented to the students organising the event, then automatically, if you are punishing the students, then you should also sanction the heads as well.