A 53-year-old man is in the grips of the Nigeria’s Lagos police after a report was filed to the police of him having allegedly

Following his arrest on Monday, Olusegun Adefemi’s 7-year-old son reportedly demonstrated all the sexual acts perpetrated on him and other siblings after his mother separated from him reportedly due to marital issues.

The little boy is quoted as saying, “My daddy slept with” my sister “from here (pointing at the private part of his sister.) He put her on the ground and then he did it. It was not once, it was five times.

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“He wanted to do my own from the back but I refused. He wanted to do” my brother too. “When we refused, he started beating us.”

Police Commissioner Edgal Imohimi reportedly told newsmen that the suspect had been arrested arrested on February 2, at 6, Ipakan Street, Ijede, following a complaint lodged by an official of Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC), according to yabaleftonline.ng.

Africanspotlight.com quoted Commissioner Edgal Imohimi as saying, “The suspect had separated from his wife over marital issues and had been in custody of the children for some time.

“When the arrest was made and the children rescued, the 3-year-old daughter had sustained injury in her private part due to forceful penetration.

“The two other siblings were also abused by the suspect, who is their father. Whenever they refused him penetration through their anus, he beats them.

“The girl had been taken to a hospital for examination and treatment, while the other two had been placed in temporary home.”

The police boss added that, “He inflicted grievous injury in the private part of the child as a result of forceful penetration. Two older siblings of the survivor were not luckier as Olusegun Adefemi regularly abused by beating them with cane each time they resisted him from penetrating them through their anus.

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“The girl has been taken to Mirabel Medical Centre for examination and treatment while her siblings have been placed in temporary home. The suspect would be charged to court at the end of investigation.”

However, the suspect has denied the allegations, saying, “I am shocked at the allegations. I am innocent. I have never done it and I will never do it. I heard that my children accused me of raping their sister. They never said it before me.

“I thought that they would bring them before me and ask them so that I can hear it from them directly but the police did not.

“You should know they are children and can be lured with biscuit or sweet to say anything.”

He is currently awaiting arraignment as further investigation continues.