German car manufacturing giant

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They have questioned the need for a foreign vehicle assembly plant in Ghana when the country has Kantanka automobile company, a local car assembly plant established by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka.

"Absolute nonsense!! Instead of the [President Nana Akufo-Addo] government to focus on boosting the local automobile company (Kantanka) you rather about to create competition for it. All this nonsense in the f*ck name of industrialization. This isn't industrialization, it's lack of common sense," a Twitter user wrote.

Another wrote: "Ghanaians are blindly happier about VW setting up here than getting empowered to do better."

"Ebi witchcraft and wizardry. They don’t want to help build from the scratch but they want to enjoy with you when you are at the top. I know Kantanka Cars will make a breakthrough globally then we will see their hypocrisy," another Twitter user wrote.

A Facebook user, Nicholas Antwi, noted: "If we've still not mustered the courage to pass a legislation that mandates all Public institutions to procure only KANTANKA automobiles, let's not make the waters muddier by extending a hand of invitation to a global gaint who is likely to at best give the Star of Africa a run for its "small coins".

"Ghanaians need more employment opportunities, FACT! But certainly not at the detriment of indigenous businesses."

A statement by the German car manufacturer said the move is to explore the development of new mobility solutions in Ghana.

Quoting the Head of the Volkswagen Sub-Saharan Region, Thomas Schaefer, the statement also noted that the assembly plant in Ghana would also include developing a sales and service network in Ghana as well as establishing a Training Academy for Production and After Sales.

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"In addition, Volkswagen undertook to commence with a feasibility study in Ghana for integrated mobility solutions which will include a review of the commercial viability of introducing rental, car sharing, ride hailing and shuttle services by way of a Ghanaian subsidiary of VWSA (Volkswagen South Africa), or the appointment of a local service provider.

"In turn, the Ghanaian Government undertook to develop a comprehensive Ghana Automotive Industry Policy which will incentivize vehicle manufacturing in Ghana. This includes a preferential procurement policy for locally assembled vehicles," according to the statement.