Afrobeat artist Eddie King drops latest single 'Omo Naija'

Talented Liberian Afrobeat artist, Eddie King has released a new single titled 'Omo Naija'.

Eddie King

The talented Liberian artist aims to inspire the youth with this new track, providing them with motivation for their daily lives and encouraging hard work.

In collaboration with Wale Waves and Igbako, Eddie King's unique sound, which seamlessly combines traditional Liberian influences with contemporary beats, distinguishes him in an industry known for its dynamism and innovation.

The artist envisions reaching legendary status, becoming one of Liberia's biggest music stars while contributing value to the Afrobeats scene.

Despite facing challenges in getting his music heard by a broader audience, Eddie remains undeterred, emphasizing the importance of building a dedicated team to support his musical endeavors.


He expressed frustration with the difficulties in promoting his work, particularly the unreliable services of hired professionals.

Explaining his decision to move to Nigeria for music promotion, Eddie King stated, "I just need to be heard. I believe I've created great music, but it's not truly great unless it reaches the ears of the listeners. The primary challenge I face in this industry is effective promotion. Paying individuals for their services often leads to incomplete or incorrect work, falling into the wrong hands of individuals who hinder rather than help my progress."

Regarding his evolving sound and the new single, Eddie mentioned, "I am still exploring and defining my exact sound. Currently, I'm experimenting with various Afrobeat styles such as Afro-pop, Afro-dancehall, Afro-fusion, etc. I hope the world embraces my latest track, 'Omo Naija,' which pays tribute to the resilience of Nigerians. They are a wonderful people, and this track is dedicated to them."

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