Bright Of Buk Bak Fame Remembers Departed Partner Ronnie

It’s been a year since Buk Bak member Ronnie Coaches passed on. In an exclusive interview with Bright Bling Sparkles opened up about life after Ronnie.

“It's still fresh in my memories; after a year of his departure, it's hard to let someone as close to me as Ronnie just vanish in my thoughts! That's like cutting my limbs off and not screaming in pain. It still hurts because part of my life was structured with and around him as a unit.

“Buk Bak from its genesis coined a slogan that goes 'Buk Bak till infinity' It's a never say die brand and I believe my brother will turn in his grave if I let it go down the drain. We worked so hard as a unit to build this brand, so it will only be respectable to Ronnie that I carry on the legacy of Buk Bak and pass it on to the next generation of Buk Baks. I am still Buk Bak and have God's army behind me as we showed in the Gonja Barracks video! A militant man never lays his arms down. Society needs a voice to bring forth our daily struggles and Buk Bak finds a way to voice it out with a bit of humor attached. I am not alone. God is with me and Ronnie is still very close to my heart."

Bright revealed new music was still going to come from Buk Bak because they still have recordings the world should hear.

“As far as releasing new music, it's highly possible because Buk Bak still have some unfinished works that needs to be finalized but I haven't decided on that yet.

The singer noted he is open to collaborate with new groups and acts to make new music like Reggie Rockstone did with VVIP.

“As far as merging with other artistes, the possibility is open but with the way Buk Bak was structured even before my partner’s departure, the label will still be productive with or without merging with other artistes by the will of God. I still have Raydar (NY), Flight (NY) Buky Cores, 4x4, Pope Skinny, as my family! Anything is possible by Nature God this 2015!”


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