Actress Victoria Lebene turns preacher; says her ministry not for clout

Actress and entrepreneur Victoria Lebene took her followers by surprise on at on Monday, April 22, 2024,when she assumed the role of a preacher during her Instagram live.

Victoria Lebene

Effortlessly transitioning into her newfound calling, she commenced the session with a soul-stirring song, followed by sharing verses.

This wasn't a scripted scene from a film; instead, it marked a significant moment where the actress affirmed her commitment to serving and dedicating herself to ministry, spreading the gospel, and winning souls for the kingdom.

Subsequently, as anticipated, Lebene, now known as a "minister of the gospel," found herself in the spotlight. While some praised her for embracing her calling, others speculated that it was merely a strategy for social media engagement and attention.

However, in an interview with Showbiz Graphic, Lebene vehemently asserted that her decision to serve and minister was not motivated by a desire for clout or social media validation. She emphasized the authenticity of her calling, revealing that it had been a lingering presence in her life for some time.

Acknowledging the significance of pacing oneself in fulfilling such a calling, she explained, "My calling is genuine and not driven by social media or attention-seeking. While it has been present for some time, I needed to allow myself the time and space to properly embrace and execute this role, without undue pressure."

She emphasized the importance of heeding the call, recognizing life's fleeting nature and the necessity of fulfilling one's purpose on earth. Lebene's journey into ministry reflects a deep conviction and commitment to her faith, transcending the realm of social media speculation.


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