Angel Maxine must be dragged to parliament to name the gay MPs she knows - Blakk Rasta

Reggae dancehall musician and radio broadcaster, Blakk Rasta, has urged transgender personality Angel Maxine to disclose the names of politicians she alleges are involved in LGBTQ practices.

Ghanaian transgender Maxine Angel Opoku

This comes after Angel Maxine's threat to expose politicians engaged in homosexuality in response to the Ghanaian Speaker of Parliament's commitment to passing the 'Anti-gay Bill.'

Blakk Rasta, known for his outspoken views, recalled his own experience of being summoned to Parliament for comments about individuals smoking marijuana in the parliamentary house. He suggested that Angel Maxine should also be invited to Parliament to reveal the names of politicians involved in LGBTQ activities.

During his live show on 3FM, Blakk Rasta expressed support for Angel Maxine's stance and encouraged her to release the list of high-profile individuals allegedly practicing homosexuality before the passage of the bill. He expressed satisfaction that individuals are willing to stand by their beliefs and expose those who choose to remain in the closet.

Blakk Rasta emphasized the need for transparency, stating, "Please release the names. Now. I want to know who the gays and lesbians are who cannot stand out. But cowardly they hide and then they make their communities suffer." He called for an open discussion about homosexuality, expressing curiosity about the perspectives of those involved and condemning the alleged secrecy that impacts communities.

The 'Anti-gay Bill,' officially named the 2021 Promotion of Appropriate Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, seeks to criminalize the promotion, advocacy, funding, and acts of homosexuality in Ghana.

The legislation carries severe penalties, including up to ten years in prison for LGBTQ+ advocates and three years for self-identifying individuals. While supporters argue that it upholds traditional values, human rights organizations and activists, including Rightify Ghana, criticize the bill for undermining LGBTQ+ rights and impeding HIV/AIDS efforts.

The international community has also raised concerns about potential interference in Ghana's business interests.


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