The conversation has generated a heated debate on the social media platform as some Ghanaian Twitter users argue with each other over the power and influence of the Asantehene and the Ghanaian President.

One tweet that flamed the argument was a post from a Twitter user with the handle asanteniiba, who wrote: "I don't care who your president is but I respect and honor Otumfour Osei Tutu II the Asantehene my King more than anyone. I will fight n die for my king not de president Long live King Solomon".

The tweet attracted opposing tweets from tweeps who argue that Asantehene's power does not go beyond the Ashanti Region and the Asante Kingdom, therefore, the Ghanaian President wields more influence than the traditional ruler.

"Asantehene is powerful but rules in his kingdom, thus, part of the country. Meanwhile, the President rules the whole country. The President set rules for the whole country to obey. Asantehene only set rules in his Kingdom. It can only affect an outsider when he/she sets foot there," another Twitter user, @Efua_112 tweeted.

Similar opinions popped up, yet, people who believe the Asantehene is nevertheless the most powerful man among than the President, dug into history and the rich culture of the Asante Kingdom to share their reasons why they believe so.

However, these opinions too never came without contention from the social media users who believe no traditional ruler can be more influential than the first gentleman of Ghana who occupies the Presidency.

Asantehene or President? Ghana Twitter divided on who is more powerful in hot debate
Asantehene or President? Ghana Twitter divided on who is more powerful in hot debate

The argument never seems to be reaching an agreeing point hence Ashanti, Asnatehene, Otumfour, President, Ga Mantse, Akyem, Accra, Akan, Social Studies among other Ghanaian related terms have been trending on Ghana Twitter.

See the tweets below and share your thoughts with us.