5 Most Disgusting Celebrity Public Display Of Affection

Is sticking your tongues out in public sexy or trashy? Braze yourselves, you're about to see the nastiest things done by our celebrities in public... below.

No one ever said do not express your love to your partner in public but do some people have to make it so disgusting? Some of our foreign celebs have been caught in the most ridiculous PDA but somehow, they made it look like its the best thing that ever happened or it was something planned. Why?

Today we take a look at the most disgusting celebrity PDA and you be the judge if its ok to do same or these acts should never repeat themselves again.

1. Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa: They may be separated now but they sure enjoyed themselves whenever they were in public. They've been seen sticking their tongues out in the name of having a man/woman time while been stired!

2. Miley Cyrus & the Sledgehammer: Whoever thought one heavy iron could be useful during sex? Well, Miley did tongue kiss a sledgehammer and made it so damn sexy! But what was she thinking! A dirty Iron?!


3. Amber Rose & Kanye West: They are not even together any more but when they dated, it was all about touching, kissing, licking and even ass-grabbing in public.

4. Lil Kim & Mr. Paper: Just when we thought the Queen of rap had vanished into thin air, she dropped the bombshell - She was pregnant for fiance Mr. Paper. At the baby shower in NYC, the couple went all nasty in front of cameras; kissing and enjoying themselves.

5. Madonna & Britney Spears: Pop Queen and princess have the most famous disgusting PDA of all time. Their 2007MTV VMAs performance was just shocking and that stage kiss was simply unforgettable.

6. Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke: This two singer never shocked us like they did performing together at the MTV VMAs 2013. They did it all: twerking, touching, hugging and yes did you not see Miley rubbing Thicke's ....erm...?

7. KimYe: At their honeymoon, the famous couple was caught in a tongue kissing moment as they shared tea in Prague. Both lookedlike they had a better plan in mind while sitting on that i smell sex.


8. A** Grabbing: Ok, could this be sexy at all? Grabbing a woman's butt in public? Well, Kanye did it to Amber Rose, Scott Disick did it to Kourtney Kardashian and Kim K did it to Kanye. What is in the butt that draws the hands?

So what do our fans think: Should this GO ON or STOP?


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