AY confronts trolls after accepting national award

Many Nigerians have condemned the celebrities who accepted the national award.

AY has stated his reasons for accepting the national award [Twitter]

The comedian firmly stated that accepting a national honour is the highest recognition one can receive for their contributions to nation-building, and he is more than pleased to accept the prestigious award.

Taking to Twitter, AY, the comedian expressed his views, stating, "Those of you shaming or asking me to reject 'A National Honour' are clearly missing a vital point. Our country is bigger and more important than any president or political party awarding it. National honour is the highest recognition anyone can get for his or her contributions to nation-building. So my allegiance is to a country where I have contributed my own quota, and I am more than happy to be rewarded by the same nation."


However, not everyone agrees with the comedian's perspective. Musician Seun Kuti took to Instagram to throw some shade at the comedian for offering an explanation regarding his acceptance of the award.

Seun Kuti emphasised that the national award is based on a nomination by a presidential committee, subject to the approval of the president.

He even taunted the comedian to receive his 'Buhari' award, sarcastically stating, “Let me reiterate. No be a public opinion poll them take dey choose national award na by presidential committee then the president will accept the nomination of certain people. In as much as it’s a national honour, it’s a presidential appointment. Biko, receive ur BUHARI award and stop to dey Shalaye!!!”

It is worth noting that the day prior to addressing the trolls, the comedian had expressed his excitement and joy upon receiving the prestigious award from the President.


Taking to Twitter, he eagerly shared the good news, prompting many congratulations from his followers.

While some applaud AY Comedian's decision to accept the national honour, considering it a well-deserved recognition for his contributions, others agree with Seun Kuti's view that the award is a presidential appointment and shouldn't require any explanation.


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