TV show host, Berla Addardey, best known as Berla Mundi has joined the new Live FM station and according to her, she chose Live FM because she wants to learn from the best.

“Who wouldn’t I want to go to Live FM? She asked. “It’s like the biggest place to work now in terms of joining another platform or being on another platform (as a TV Presenter), so Live (FM) was from the start, the place I wanted to be,” she told

“Also, I believe that for a station as new as Live FM and for someone who is practically new on radio like myself, the growing up … we will all grow together. There is a lot I could learn, they have the best team as well so you learn from the best.”

Ms. Mundi refused to disclose the program she will be hosting on the station saying,  “Nobody’s belt has been made public yet so I’d like to keep quiet about that until my bosses are ready to make it known. I’m not sure if I can start talking about it yet because from what I know it hasn’t been made public.”

On the challenge ahead she said, “Well, I got on GhOneTV… I didn’t start Rthymnz. Rthymz existed already but when I joined Rhythmz with BlaqBoy and when we introduced Rhythmz International with Jason and Regina, we were all able to put our minds together and come up with something good enough to make people want to watch”.

“And right now, I don’t think you would want to challenge me that Rhythmz is one of the most watched shows in Ghana.

"We actually even won an award for that, so for someone who is working with a team that has won an award, getting on radio with some of the best people as well should give you enough reason to want to tune in and listen to Berla Mundi”, she added.