Cardi B visited Nigeria before her trip to Ghana and has so much fun according to footages on her Instagram stories.

The Grammy Awards-winning musician sold Nigeria in all the ways she could in the few days she spent there.

In Ghana, the story was a little different due to a misunderstanding between organizers and some Ghanaian celebrities. Social media rants indicate people were made to wait for a ‘meet and greet’ with Cardi B not showing.

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The situation escalated to the top of trending topics in Ghana as Cardi B took to her Instagram page to address the situation. She later went to the venue for her meet and greet, being as nice as she could with a touch of shades.

Irrespective of all the drama that engulfed Cardi B’s landing in Accra, the musician went with her script and sold Ghana nonetheless.

Having changed her hair colours to white and green in Nigeria, the rapper quickly did the same for Ghana a few hours upon her arrival in the country.

She also rocked the Ghana flag colours in an awesome costume, an outfit that got Offset all in the mood after Cardi B posted on her Instagram page.

Check out Cardi B’s Ghana flag outfit.