Narrating her encounter with the robbers, the singer said they broke into her home during an operation which happened 12 and 2 am Tuesday dawn.

"They locked me and my husband in our bedroom and went to the kids' room," she said.

Detailing how the robbery happened in a Facebook post, she wrote "one of my daughters tried to shout, she said she saw a man dressed in all black with a flashlight in his mouth, the next thing she suddenly felt drowsy and knocked off. We had to break our door to come out. Thank God the kids are all ok and no one was hurt".

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Talking about what they have lost. she added that "they took all our phones (3 phones: My Samsung s9+, my machine is gone, iPhones, 2 laptops, a tablet and made away with all cash we got at home, we found the bags and stuff they searched outside. It looks like they entered through the balcony, which is very unbelievable, how they managed to enter our bedroom, picked our phones and locked us inside beats my mind".

Celestine Donkor and husband
Celestine Donkor and husband

The "God of the Storm" singer is now pleading with the public to help her with any suggestion on how they can track the devices. "WE ARE HOME PHONELESS AND CASHLESS AT THE MOMENT... Please if you come across any of such devices with my pictures, kindly report. All our Wallpapers are pictures of my self and hubby... Can anyone advice on how to track the devices? Hmmm... I am posting this from my kids' tablet using WiFi," she wrote.