According to the Ghanaian singer, she would have been dead and buried by now if ill words kill. Speaking Twi, she said, "if the mouth kills, like Wendy Shay, I would have been part of those mouth has killed".

Speaking passionately in a video to address the recent attack on her new look, the 'Shay On You' singer said people like her songs but they do not like her personality. Wendy Shay adds that people haven't been interested in knowing her because she gets criticized for everything she does.

"When I came into the industry, people didn't bother to get to know who I am. They didn't want to know the personality behind my songs but then they love my music which I am grateful for. They love my music but didn't love my personality," she said.

She continued, "So there are somethings that I do now and they don't understand, they are like 'eii where did this come from' but it's because nobody didn’t want to give the chance or the space to exhibit my talent and my identity so when I do anything now, everybody is like what is going on".

Wendy Shay and Delay
Wendy Shay and Delay

Wendy Shay's comments are coming after Delay disclosed that she has unfollowed her on Instagram after she (Delay) expressed worry over her new look.

Delay during a segment of her show in 2020 said "my sister Wendy Shay, we come from the same hometown and we have a chat once a while but in recent times, I have noticed that her dressing has changed. She now has a lot of piercings. This is my personal observation, I see it that she is going through something".

Meanwhile, according to Wendy Shay, she is not going through anything and her way of dressing now is just based on her preference. "First of all the way I dress, I want to be dressing like that, it's not anyone forcing me," she said and added that "I have always loved piercings, it is part of my artistry, this is how I choose to look like".

Hear more from her in the video below.