Pockets of electoral violence have already occurred in parts of Ghana with the recent one in Accra at Odododiodio. Speaking to this, the actor is telling the Ghanaian youth that before they fight for any politician, they should remember politicians have visas.

The actor was speaking on CTV’s breakfast show ‘Anopa Dwabirem’ on Tuesday, 27 October 2020, where he said: “ let me remind you that many of these politicians have their visas and air tickets ready, so, don’t allow yourselves to be used".

He emphasized that "if there is a big man out there giving you some GHS50 or GHS20 and some weed for you to be high to hurt someone, when you come back to your senses and realise you’ve hurt your own brother, what will you do?"

Promoting peace from the Christian and biblical perspective, Fred also stated that “the Bible says: ‘Love thy neighbour as yourself .... You are one people living together in one area. Don’t allow two or three people or politics to divide you".