Enam opens up about 2019 GMB controversy, family, ‘Fix the Country’ protest and more

Enam Tugbefia, for the first time, opens up on her 2019 GMB pageant involvement, the controversy and her moving on and she feels that #FixTheDoubleStandards would have been the unifying message to get result.

Enam Tugbefia

If you were in Ghana in 2019, the name Enam would ring a bell in your eardrums because of her involvement in the Ghana’s Most Beautiful of that year which came with a nationwide controversy in regards to who truly deserved the crown.

That year’s melee among the Volta Region representative’s fans was as a result of the situation going against all odds, all logic and all sense – they (the fans) felt disappointed…anyways that was two years ago.

Fast forward to 2021, when we spoke with the lady whose charisma is top-notch to write a narrative headline, to talk to us about then and now – she did open up. Though there was no celebratory party after her involvement then, today she says that she is living her life with renewed hopes of fresh new intents.


With all that’s happening in Enam Tugbefia’s life after that Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant where she painfully lost the crown, it is in order to say that she is marching impeccably towards her imperial coronation – an ambience set before her.

She started by telling us she is absolutely fine, taking life easy and planning something worth celebrating, as well as hopeful that the future would bring total happiness. In regards to the controversy that surrounded the 2019 pageant and how her fans felt ‘robbed’, Enam was quick to say that, “I don’t want to use that particular line that ‘I was robbed,’ because as far as I am concerned, I have moved past that era and now focusing on the present and future. My fans felt hurt out of a situation which they followed the process from start to finish – so I sincerely think that they cannot be faulted for how they expressed their displeasure. As to how I reacted to that situation then, I just left the entire happening and decided in my heart that I was going to work hard and smart to crown my effort. I am not bothered with yesterday; today and tomorrow are paramount to my life journey, rather.”

For the Wisconsin University student, what has kept and is still keeping her close to her fans is that she’s engaged in different ventures so as to keep the fire burning beneath the ‘Enam Tugbefia’ brand. She has established the ‘Enam’s Birthday with the Widows’, ‘Christmas with the Orphans courtesy the Enam Foundation’, ‘Covid-19 Safety Tour’, and a couple of Marketing Activation for top celebrated brands across Ghana.

Also, in the pipeline is a new brewing television show which we hear would simply give her esteem fans something to call their own, be proud of and also tell her other side of the communication and nursing backgrounds.


Enam is a philanthropist, an actress, entrepreneur, content creator, a brand ambassador, and a student, as well – she tells us that to her ‘family’ is very dear to her heart and that comes first and then every other thing follow. She doesn’t joke with her Team because they help in the smooth dissemination of roles.

The brand ambassador for LYZY Tomato Mix opened up that her ambassadorial relationship has been one of the healthiest that she has gotten into because of their high level of professionalism; noting that since they started working together, the daily experiences she has gathered is one beautiful one to cherish.

For a budding actress, she noted that the pandemic truly affected the movie industry worldwide but she is hopeful that once the cinemas in Ghana are opened, investors channel their monies to better the growth of the industry, everything shall fall in place. She also trusts that soon Ghana shall start producing a new set of actors and actresses that would wow the entire globe. As for the challenges and difficulties she has had to face in time past, the former first runner-up feels that they are not going to depart anytime soon, so it is right to be ready with solutions that would redeem situations.

For many who have sometimes or always felt or thought she was a Nigerian can clear that notion and appreciate that she is a lover of other African nationals, and this reflects in her way of life and cultural beliefs.


In the midst of both #FixTheCountry and the #FixYourAttitude saga, Enam simply wants all to live upright, love one another without any iota of selfishness; everyone should try fixing our daily double standards and making the nation great. Thus, she would have preferred to champion #FixTheDoubleStandards course.


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