Every guy who goes to the gym is woman-inspired - Pappy Kojo claims

Ghanaian musician Pappy Kojo has expressed a bold opinion, stating that every man who goes to the gym is motivated by women.

Pappy Kojo

According to him, broken heart took him to the gym adding that every guy who goes to the gym is woman-inspired.

This comment suggests that the primary driving force behind men engaging in fitness activities is because their heart have been broken by women.


Pappy Kojo's statement reflects a common perception that physical fitness and an aesthetically pleasing physique are often associated with attractiveness and desirability.

This perspective is not unique to Ghana, as similar sentiments are expressed in various cultures where physical appearance is considered a factor in romantic attraction.

It's worth noting that people have diverse motivations for pursuing fitness, including health, personal goals, and overall well-being.

Pappy Kojo's comment, however, highlights the social dynamics and expectations surrounding physical appearance and relationships.


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