According to the Ghanaian actor, the Free SHS policy which is the flagship campaign message of the incumbent NPP government, has made it possible for hundreds of young people to further their education from the basic level.

"This is NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT. My name is Van Vicker, an actor, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a businessman, etc. and I want to call a spade a spade. The FREE SHS program has enabled hundreds of thousands of Ghanaian youth to further their education," Van stated in a social media post seen by

The actor also admitted that the implementation of the policy is not perfect yet when he said: " it is not a perfect system (yet) but for the fact that an SHS student dropout can return to the classroom or for the fact that a JHS student can continue his/her secondary education for FREE is incredible".

According to Van Vicker, he places "premium on education for all". Speaking highly of the programme, the actor shared his story of how he could have been a gynaecologist by now because that was his dream, however, that was trashed because his mother had financial challenges to support his education.

"I would have enrolled at the university back in 1996 IF THE FREE SHS PROGRAM EXISTED, unfortunately, it didn't. My secondary education expenses depleted mama's savings so I kissed my dream of being a gynaecologist goodbye," he wrote.

Sharing no regret of becoming an actor now, he stated that "my narration today is not to say I regret my current profession but rather to unequivocally state that THE FREE SHS PROGRAM BENEFITS OUR YOUTH and only if it was implemented back in my day, my mother would have SAVED enough to eventually fund my tertiary education".

Distancing his post from an emphatic political agenda, Van Vicker reiterated that: " this is not a political statement" and concluded that " it is my empiricism long live democracy long live free SHS long live GH".