According to Vanessa’s father, Jah Wisdom, she had a baby girl – which makes it baby number three for Funny Face.

He confirmed the news during an interview on Accra-based Neat FM on Wednesday, November 25.

Last week, Vanessa dropped a bombshell on the domestic abuse she had to endure while living with Funny Face.

She said she was beaten and even at some point, Funny Face kicked her in her stomach until her CS wound (which she did for the twins) opened.

Funny Face had earlier accused her of domestic abuse and shared some videos of their confrontations.

Vanessa’s father waded in on the family feud this week, branding the comedian as psychologically unstable and disrespectful.

He said Funny Face is mad and needs help, but won’t forgive him for disrespecting his daughter.

Mr Wisdom made this statement when he appeared on Sammy Flex’s ‘Showbiz Agenda” show on Zylofon FM on Monday.

“He is mad – he has to be taken to the psychiatric hospital,” he says. “How can you bring your private family matters to social media? Everybody goes through the same, but are they exposing it on social media? No!”

He said his daughter never introduced Funny Face to him but, doesn’t blame her because she is matured enough to make decisions.

“My daughter didn’t introduce Funny Face to me. But you know, the system in Ghana is the same system that runs the world now. I love my daughter – she’s my first daughter…If there will be a misunderstanding from her side, it doesn’t mean I have ignored her. I will allow her to experience what I’ve explored. Because I’m civilised – I know how to bring up my child. I won’t force her.”

He also revealed that he wasn’t aware she was pregnant with Funny Face and that he can’t control her daughter.

“I wasn’t aware of her pregnancy with Funny Face. You can’t control it when your daughter is in love with a man. They can sometimes run away and you won’t know where they are. You can’t control this.”

Mr Wisdom branded Funny Face as disrespectful.

“She has my DNA. You can’t break my blood. She’s my future…So how can you f**king disrespect people like that. I wanted to sermon him to the chief but I know that he needs a psychiatric hospital.”