Funny Face embarks on reconciliation journey, apologizes to mother and accident victims

Funny Face, in his quest to restructure his life, has taken a step to make amends with the people in his life who matter.

Funny face accident

After being granted bail and a second chance at life, the comedian has embarked on a journey to visit those who were most affected by his recent ordeal.

Like the prodigal son, he first visited his mother, knelt before her, and pleaded for forgiveness. This development was captured by Kofi TV, who accompanied the comedian on all his visits.

A remorseful Funny Face told his mother: "I know I have caused you a lot of pain. I know you have been devastated by the news and the incident that happened lately. Please forgive me. You said a certain prayer for me before I became Funny Face. I want you to say that same prayer for me again"

His mother moved to tears, hugged and comforted him. The comic actor, his mother, and some family members then visited the accident victims.


He visited the older woman who was knocked down, along with two kids, on the day of the incident. The woman, still admitted to the hospital, received Funny Face and his entourage.

He knelt before her and pleaded for forgiveness while explaining his side of the story. It's worth noting that before Funny Face's visit, he had covered all her hospital expenses, along with those of other victims, during his time in prison.


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