The 'Kasoa Trotro' actor, during an interview on Gh One TV hosted by Regina Van-Helvert, was asked what message he’ll leave for his daughters on the show to come and watch later when they grow up and in answering, Funny Face broke down into tears.

Speaking with the tears flowing from his eyes, he said “ I would love to tell them … I did my best I tried and they will know. There are videos to prove, I did everything that I can”. Admitting that he is a very emotional person, he added that “I miss them”.

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The actor separated with the mother of his twins barely over a month ago. That turns to be his second divorce after announced it during his viral social media emotional meltdown, in which he called out his friends, Kalybos, Kojo Nkansah Lilwin and Bismark for betraying him.

Funny Face's second marriage breaks down
Funny Face's second marriage breaks down

Watch him in the video below as he emotionally speaks about his twin girls, Ella and Bella, that he has always been excitedly bragging about to show how much he loves them until breaking up with their mother.