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She is yet to confirm the story.

In his first public comments on the matter, the controversial counsellor said going by the Ghanaian culture, the Ghanaian actress has given birth to a ‘stupid’ child.

“Yvonne Nelson doubted the pregnancy because she knows the guilt that comes out with this,” he said in an interview with media personality, Abeiku Santana.

“She knows the process to pregnancy is after marriage. And if she has given birth unmarried, then I am very disappointed in her,” he added

Expressing his disgusted, Counsellor Lutterodt said the actress has been portrayed in several movies for Ghanaians to know how a woman must be.

“There are so many movies Yvonne Nelson has acted an unfortunately for us, she was portrayed for us to know how a woman must be.

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“She did a movie I paid to watch and she was telling us the struggle of a woman and what a woman shouldn’t do like born one (having a child outside marriage).