Ghanaian celebrities who have condemned xenophobic attacks in South Africa (so far)

South Africans have launched yet another xenophobic attacks on Nigerians, and the news is getting worse every day.

Ghanaian celebrities who have condemned xenophobic attacks in South Africa (so far)

A few days ago, South Africans launched the attacks on Nigerian stores for allegedly taking their jobs. Others claim they sell drugs, hence the attacks.

The attacks on foreign stores began a day after South African truckers started a nationwide strike on Sunday to protest against the employment of foreign drivers.

They blocked roads and torched foreign-driven vehicles mainly in the south-western KwaZulu-Natal province.

Many celebrities and public figure across Africa have condemned the act. And Ghanaian celebrities are no exception.


So far, more than 10 Ghanaian top celebrities have spoken against the act through their social media pages.

Below are those who have commented the issue so far.

Wendy Shay

The afro-pop musician said Africans need ‘solidarity’ not war. She posted on Instagram: “We as blacks are mostly fighting against racism, but how on earth should we stand against each other in this same times that Africa needs solidarity? I think this is never the best of what ever we can offer to one another as Africans. We should try and stand for each other at any point in time no matter the circumstances. Let’s say no to xenophobia !!!”


Salma Mumin

The actress said we are each other’s keepers in Africa.

“I tried very hard to avoid watching the videos and photos after chancing on one of them yesterday.


We kill ourselves and expect the WHITE MAN to treat us better?


Do you all see how the American government protect their citizens? If anything at all should happen, they take care of their citizens before attending to any other immigrant.

THEY ARE EACH OTHER’s KEEPER and so should we.

not because we think of them as God because they are white and we worship them but because that is the right thing to do.

This is not even about WHITE AND BLACK because we are all HUMANS and should love one another regardless.

WE ARE ALL ONE! WE ARE ALL CITIZENS OF AFRICA and shouldn’t be killing each other for what ever reason.


How inhuman can you be? How can such EVIL THOUGHT even come to mind? How are you even going to live knowing you have taken a life before?

My prayers goes to the families of the victims.”

Tracy SarkCess

Wife of Sarkodie said xenophobia is ‘deeply rooted in the apartheid culture.’ She narrated her first experience in South Africa on Twitter today.


Sister Deborah

The singer said xenophobia has been happening in Ghana as well.

“I stopped being bothered when people addressed Africa as a country a long time ago, because what is better than being united as a people?

The late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has turned in his grave aah taya.


‘They’ want to keep us fighting each other, can’t we see? United we stand, divided we fall. Then ‘they’ take over. We are very stupid fighting each other.

Xenophobia against Nigerians has been low key happening in Ghana too and it’s very disgusting and stupid. Shame on anyone who hates any other African just because they are not from your same ‘country’. Yet we are all Africans!”

Elikem Kumordzi

The actor and professional tailor said on Instagram: “I wasn't going to say anything, but now, I'm upset.


Action will be taken soon by all of us, equally against south Africans living on our Land too. This is not a Threat.

But then again, what will that cause, a division in Africa, when we are suppose to stand as one against the world, unity is suppose to be Key.

I promise you that , even if west Africans and the rest of Africa leave South Africa. They still will not be able to get their lazy asses up and do anything worth while.

I lived in SA for 3 months on 2 different occasion, I experienced how the Southern Africans in the Big Brother house Didnt like our Guts and wanted us out. Even to the point where if a Nigerian song is played, people walk out. I'm not attacking every southern African, my Son is Zimbabwean, but the masses and some barbaric individuals in y'alls countries are making you guys look bad. Do something about it. Your names are being tarnished.

Alot of Nigerians and Ghanains do fraud, yes, but it doesn't mean there are not well mannered and well cultured hard working people here. The government makes it a point to help interpol arrest them . What is the south African government doing about the #xenophobia



Eddie Watson Jnr

The actor described those involved in the act as ‘murderers’ in an Instagram post.

“I’m sick to my stomach! I spent 14years of my life in war and seeing this makes me scared, angry, frustrated, sad and angry again! SENSELESS! This is not a civil war! This is MURDER! South African police and South Africans participating in this mess are murderers! Their leaders are accomplices to murder! Where is the rest of Africa? Where is the rest of the world? Why is this being allowed no western power is sanctioning South Africa? Why are there no Nigerian planes or ships and soldiers helping evacuate Nigerians and other nationals? Why? AFRICA WHY? South Africa must answer for this? These memories will live forever!”


Yvonne Okoro

The actress shared a video of Julius Melama’s speech against xenophobic attacks with the hashtag: “#SayNoToXenophobia”



The rapper was saddened by the attacks. He revealed in a tweet today.

“These attacks in South Africa saddens my heart. Something needs to be done and ASAP. #OneAfrica”

Lydia Forson

The actress said we shouldn’t blame the entire nation.


“In all of this we have to remind ourselves not to equally judge an entire nation based on the actions of a few.

We’re angry, frustrated and disappointed, but these heinous attacks shouldn’t be used to measure all South Africans.”

Kwesi Arthur

The rapper urged Africans to stay woke.


“we for wake up”, he tweeted.


The rapper is clearly heartbroken. He tweeted: “Beautiful Africa”.


Yvonne Nelson

The actress blamed the happenings on apartheid.

“Apartheid messed SA up!!!!”

John Dumelo


The actor and politician had just two words: “South Africa”.


The singer said dialogue is the best way to resolve the issue.

“We don’t have to molest, burn people or kill them. DIALOGUE is the better way to resolve differences. We all are in this lovely world for #SURVIVAL. #SouthAfrica I pray for calm. Condolences to families of lives lost.”



The rapper said the country is ‘f**ked up’.

“In my opinion and real life experience SA is a total Hoax. They act like it’s this dream country. But they’re totally fucked up. Shame , Your Horns are showing SA.”



The rapper said our enemies are succeeding.

“The Enemy is succeeding #Africa”.

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