Girl in viral bedroom video with Shatta Bandle speaks; says 'he didn't rape me' (VIDEO)

The girl in the viral bedroom video with Shatta Bandle has shown up to clear the air.

Ayisha, girl in contronversial video with Shatta Bandle speaks

Pulse Ghana

In a video seen by, she identified herself as Ayisha and denied having an affair with Shatta Bandle. " Ghanaians I am Ayisha, I can see my videos with Shatta Bandle are really trending," she said.

Ayisha explained that "you are all misquoting what you saw, we weren't having sex it was just a normal snap but you can see it's really trending".

Responding to a rape allegation by one Haruna Mahama who said he is an uncle to her, Ayisha said "Mahama Haruna you posted something like he raped me, the snap you can see he wasn't having sex with me".

She continued that "it was a snap, he is a celebrity, everybody wanna take picture plus am so if you see say me and him dey for bed in top wey we dey do snap, the time koraaa na we do the snap na people dey there".

In the video below, Ayisha concluded that "Ghanaians let's stop that, it will not help us. It is not a rape simple and short".

Before this, Shatta Bandle has denied claims saying that "what is going on, every poverty person get bad mind. If you don't do something they will say you've done it ... it doesn't sense, how can I rape 15 years or 16 years girl, it can't be possible?"

He further explained that "yesterday I get programme there and I go there, I didn't do anything, there were plenty girls in that room and we doing that snap one by one. Even when I was going there, I took my girlfriend there".

Hear more from him in the video below.


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