Archipalago, who is a gasbag, took to his Instagram page on Thursday, September 5, to rain insults on the “Ayi” hitmaker for giving a bad review of his new song, titled “Megye” featuring upcoming artiste Banje.

According to Archipalago, he received a call from a friend who claimed that Criss Waddle disparaged him on Facebook over the song.

Criss Waddle is quoted to have said that music isn’t comedy so Archipalago should retire.

“First of all, I’m not a musician – I’m an entertainer. And Criss Waddle, you don’t know the idea behind the song so stop fooling. I’ll beat you up if you attempt,” he threatened in the video he shared yesterday.

He suggested that Criss Waddle is a gay, saying: “Have you changed your diapers? You have a nasty anal sore. You better learn sense.”

Archipalago further bragged that he is the inspiration behind Criss Waddle’s biggest song “Bie Gya”.

“I gave you your biggest hit of all time because I made the term popular. Stop fooling,” he stated.

Criss Waddle was also quick to reply to him on the same post by calling him a fool.

“This guy and fooling,” Waddle stated.