'He went mute in court' - Geemann denies being reason Jagger Pee was jailed

The controversial prison story of Geemann and Jagger Pee has become a hot topic again across media platforms.


The popular ex-convict who left Ghana for the U.S after he regained his freedom has returned. Geemann was sentenced to death for shooting a Taxi driver but was released through a presidential pardon after serving fourteen years in jail.

He was included in the list of people President Kufour granted pardon before leaving office in 2008. Geemann was jailed with Jagger Pee who was with him whilst he (Geemann) had a confrontation with the Taxi driver who died after he shot him.

The pair were said to be good friends then but things have apart between them after their time in prison. Jaggar Pee was handed a short sentence for allegedly holding the Taxi Driver for Geemann to shot him.


However, according to Geeman, who is now an evangelist, the story is untrue. The incident happened in the early 90s and according to Geemann, he has adopted the daughter of the late Taxi Driver and she still leaves with him as her father.

Speaking on Power FM, he said he never mentioned that Jaggar Pee aided him to shoot the Taxi Driver because that is not true despite a witness claiming that is what happened.

According to him, when they appeared in court, the judge asked Jaggar Pee about his involvement in the incident but he went silent and forced the judge to sentence him by his discretion.

Geemann says Jaggar Pee has named him as a bad friend that he followed to jail. According to him, he would appreciate it if Ghanaians can understand the story before making any judgement. Watch the video below to hear more from him.



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