Reggae musician and host of Taxi Driver programme on Hitz FM, Blakk Rasta says “every wise country is legalising marijuana” so he is “waiting for Ghana to get wiser” and follow suit.

Speaking on Starr FM, the controversial radio presenter indicated that marijuana is only harmful if it is abused. According to him, many countries who acknowledge the health benefits of the substance have started legalising it and he foresees that soon, Ghana will.

“It is soon going to be legal; in the interim we hide and do it...I know it and I see it coming.“Every wise country is legalising it now so [we] waiting for Ghana to get wiser... marijuana was created for a reason and if you use marijuana for those reasons then you are alright but if you use marijuana for selfish reasons then certainly you would suffer for that,” Blakk Rasta said.Many people have called on authorities in Ghana to legalise the drug. They have questioned why cigarrete which has worse effects on the smoker than marijuana is legal but the latter is not.

The Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), Yaw Akrasi Sarpong is on record to have said that there is "a virtual legalisation" of marijuana because already "mothers, sisters, girlfriends and wives are using stuff made of Indian hemp for their hair".

Hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kese recently took a U-turn after advocating for the legalisation of Indian hemp in Ghana saying “80%” of Ghanaians indulge in the use of this illegal substance.

Uruguay became the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana. The substance is also legal in including Washington and Colorado State and other states in the United States of America.