I get revelations from God but I don't reveal them over fear of insults - Ofori Amponsah

Ofori Amponsah has disclosed that he receives numerous revelations from God but keeps them to himself out of concern for criticism.

Ofori Amponsah

Speaking to Nana Ama McBrown on the Onua Showtime TV show last Sunday, June 4. The award-winning Ghanaian musician said he turned to music to discuss such findings, some of which have manifested.

Referencing his “Hello Hello” song as one of his songs that had “prophecies” from divine revelations Ofori Amponsah said he prophesied the Ukraine/Russian conflict and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sometimes when I get a revelation, I am afraid to say it because I feel people will insult me so I infuse it into my lyrics.


“I released ‘Hello hello’ in 2005 and today the things I mentioned including Russia and Ukraine/America’s dispute as well as darkness filling the earth in 2020 have all come to pass,” Ofori Amponsah stated.

Ofori Amponsah claims that even though he regularly produces love songs, he has always held a firm belief in God, and that's why many had a hard time accepting his new position as a pastor.

A decade ago, Ofori Amponsah announced that he has been called by God to be a pastor, hence, shunned secular. However, after few years, the singer backtracked and announced that he was back to secular music when he dropped 'Alewa'.

When people knew me, I was in the secular world that’s why I think they doubted my role as a pastor. I feel like when something is worldly it’s not because the thing is not Christian but it is when people don’t believe that there’s God for me that’s my belief.

“If you read the scriptures and you at songs of Solomon, the words are very romantic. Talent is from God so if you don’t have it, it’ll not work,” Ofori Amponsah stated.


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