I nearly committed suicide after my accident; Funny Face tearfully tells Kofi Adomah

Renowned broadcaster Kofi Adomah Nwanwani recently had an exclusive interview with Funny Face, offering the comedian a platform to share his perspective following his remand for allegedly being involved in a vehicular incident a week prior.

Funny Face breaks down in tears

Since the unfortunate event that endangered the lives of several individuals, including a woman, two children, a motorcyclist, and another person, Funny Face had not had the opportunity to publicly express his side of the story.

During their conversation, Kofi Adomah recounted specific details shared by Funny Face about the harrowing day of the accident, revealing that the comedian admitted to feeling overwhelmed and on the brink of suicide at the scene.

In a viral video, an eyewitness, particularly a lady, was heard screaming and accusing Funny Face of causing the death of the children involved in the accident. This accusation deeply affected Funny Face, as he felt hopeless and wrongly branded as a murderer.


According to Kofi Adomah, Funny Face confessed that he contemplated running into traffic to end his life upon hearing the accusations. However, he was dissuaded from taking such drastic action when other eyewitnesses contradicted the claim, stating that the children were still alive.

Reflecting on the incident, Funny Face expressed anguish over the possibility of causing harm to others' children when he had not seen his kids in years. Yet, upon realizing the children were alive, he abandoned the idea of suicide.

Kofi Adomah also shed light on Funny Face's emotional state during their conversation, noting that the comedian was visibly distressed and shed tears throughout their hour-long discussion.

Furthermore, Funny Face clarified certain misconceptions surrounding the incident, particularly regarding the ages of the individuals involved. He explained that the woman with the children was over 60 years old and the children were her grandchildren. Additionally, Funny Face attributed the accident to evasive maneuvers prompted by a motorcyclist crossing his path.


Kofi Adomah's interview provided a platform for Funny Face to share his side of the story, offering insights into his emotional turmoil and clarifying misconceptions surrounding the incident.


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