During an interview with pulse.com.gh’s Selorm Tali, Tiisha agreed that she somehow sounds like Ebony but she has no physical resemblance to her. “ I don’t think I look like her but with the voice a little bit,” she said.

Talking about the similarity in their voices, she said that’s how she talks naturally and that she has been building her music career way before Ebony’s death and the comparison that went viral.

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Tiisha mentioned that she has recorded about 17 songs and currently, one of them titled “Packaging” is out and she will be dropping another one in about a month’s time. The budding singer emphasized that though people still compare her to Ebony, she can never replace her.


I may sound like her but I didn’t meet her and I don’t know who exactly she was. I don’t know how she acts, I don’t know her behaviour. I don’t know what she wants and what she doesn’t want. So I cannot replace her, I just can’t do her, I can only be myself because I’m an artiste and a brand as well” Tiisha said.

Hear more from her in the short below.