It's embarrassing; stop it - KiDi calls for the end of the Ghana-Nigeria music comparison

Ghanaian singer, KiDi, has recently expressed his frustration with the constant comparison between Nigerian and Ghanaian music industries.

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He believes that it is disheartening and unproductive for Ghanaians to continuously lament on social media about how well Nigeria's music industry is thriving.

KiDi firmly stated that just because Nigerian musicians are achieving global and local success doesn't mean that the Ghanaian music industry is lagging behind.

Speaking with Pulse Ghana, the singer said "As a people, I want us to dead this conversation and comparison spirit, It's embracing and empathetic. We are always crying on the internet about Ghana and Nigerian, stop it it's embarrassing".

"A lot of you sound bitter, like someone is doing something better and we can not big someone up without bring someone down. It should never be this way".


The 'Girl dem sugar' believed that both industries have their strengths and potential and should be appreciated for their unique contributions.

Instead of engaging in endless comparisons, KiDi advocated for a more proactive approach. He urged Ghanaians to take the time to study and learn from Nigeria's success story by understanding the factors that have contributed to Nigeria's music industry growth, that Ghana can incorporate to further develop its music scene.

"Somebody's life is at chapter 30 and your life is at chapter 5 and you want to compare yourself with them. When someone is doing something good, big them up and learn how they got there and what they did to get to where they are and apply that in your own unique way".


The singer emphasized the need for a robust framework within the Ghanaian music industry. Establishing the necessary structures and support systems will help local artists reach greater heights and achieve international recognition.

"Let's focus on ourselves and the stuff we have to do. We have to build structures. Every time someone on podcasts, go on the internet and start complaining about what someone has done or not. Please it's embarrassing, stop it."

KiDi also passionately called on Ghanaians to rally behind their artists and offer unwavering support. By supporting homegrown talent and staying loyal to their artists, Ghanaians can foster an environment that nurtures creativity and innovation within the industry.

"Life is not a race, a few people have ambition and are working hard. It probably won't show today, but in a few years it will show. Just keep supporting and stick with us and eventually we will get there."


Addressing his fellow musicians, KiDi advises them to focus on self-improvement and artistic development. He encourages them to continuously hone their craft and build a solid foundation, ensuring that when their time to shine comes, they will captivate their fans and not disappoint them.

In conclusion, KiDi believed that the Ghanaian music has its distinct charm and potential, and it's time for Ghanaians to celebrate their achievements and work together to make their industry shine brighter on the global stage.


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