Kiki Banson forced me to crown Kuami Eugene - Amakye Dede finally clears the air

Amakye Dede, has named Kiki Banson as the person responsible for pressuring him into crowning Kuami Eugene as the 'King of Future Highlife' during a live performance at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

Kiki Banson asked me to crown Kuami Eugene- Amakye Dede insists

This revelation comes after Amakye Dede's earlier claims that he was coerced into the act, which garnered significant attention on social media at the time.

During an interview on Asaase Radio, Amakye Dede disclosed that initially, he even attempted to pass the crown given to him onto someone else, as he was not willing to participate.

However, in a recent interview with Abeiku Santana, the highlife veteran openly identified Kiki Banson, a popular music executive, as the mastermind behind the act.


"I am telling you without hesitation that Kiki was the one who handed me the crown. He forced me to crown Eugene. When he initially gave it to me, I gave it to one of my boys, Robberman, to hold onto it. It was not my intention, and I was coerced into doing it. If you doubt me, you can call Kiki right now and ask him if he wasn't the one who gave me the crown," Amakye Dede affirmed.

Abeiku Santana, the host of the show, appeared a bit perplexed and sought clarification, asking if Amakye Dede was indeed referring to Kiki Banson.

Amakye Dede responded, expressing his disappointment, "Why would he do this to me?"

Amid this revelation, Charterhouse, the organizers of the VGMAs, distanced themselves from the incident that occurred on their stage four years ago.


Robert Klah, the Head of Public Events and Communication at Charterhouse, emphasized that they had no involvement in orchestrating the crowning session.


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