Is reality star faking her 2nd pregnancy?

Some latest reports are claiming a woman from the Philippines is actually the one carrying the star's child. How true?

Kim Kardashian prays special twitter prayer.

Kim Kardashian has announced she is expecting her second child with husband Kanye West but there are now claims that the reality star could be showing off a fake baby bump to gain media attention.

According to reports from MediaTakeOut on Saturday, June 6, ''Kardashian’s baby bump is finally showing, but it’s pretty clear to us that’s a prosthetic. We told y’all that Kim was going to start wearing her prosthetic baby bump as early as this… well there it is.''

The site also claims ''a woman from the Philippines is actually carrying a baby for Kardashian and that she’s faking her pregnancy. They add that Kim doesn’t even want the baby, but believes ''another kid is good for business.''

If for anything, a close friend to the star tells Gossip Cop that the 34-year-old star is 100 percent pregnant calling the allegation ''absolutely insane.''

We previously reported that the only reports Kim shut down last week was the rumor she was expecting twins telling E! News at the US launch of Hype Energy Drinks in Nashville, Tennessee on June 2:

''It’s ridiculous rumors. I can’t wait till my website’s up so I can just say whatever I want, when I want.'' Fans do you think Kim is faking this second pregnancy?


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