People have lamented that the assault was way out of line, others do not agree with them as DKB responds to Wanlov’s comment on the issue.

In series of tweets on her twitter page, singer Efya expressed her disgust at the assult on Kinto Rothmans, the event organizer of the popular Friday Event for allegedly wanting to have an affair with one Salim guy.

“Look what they did to someone's son MyMama bear instincts wod rise and kill a mofo for doing this to myson #PrayForKinto

Guy. the world is changing… get with the program… Gay people are here… Get with the program. It's who they are… so you be you… let them be them.

“You can't beat the Gay out of someone..!! U can't..!!

"Some of u really need to go pick your brains wherever u left it.".. Word.

If he was your brother...what would you go beat am.. ?You go fit kill am..?? Sake of what..? Guy chill..!! We are all humans... GWTP.

Yo I'm just saying was the beating necessary..? He's a human being..!! Ah jesu..hmm ..!

My opinion.. My nose..”, she wrote.

Wanlov wrote “Majority of gays are not pedophiles...i can bet there r more heterosexual pedophiles than gay. GH will never learn 2 discern coz we r idiots”

“when a girl is raped u blame her then shake suspect's hands, but wen 2 same s#x adults have private consensual s#x u maim them. Evil Aboa”.

Ghanaian comedian DKB however did not agree with Wanlov’s opinion and asks him to shut up.

“Some idiots be like.. Duuh its 21st century being gay is normal. I pray 22nd century pedophilia becomes normal so your grandkid is raped!

“Oh oh my guy... Women sef we hardly dey chase for nima den how much more trumu... U walked into harms way man, may God heal u quickly! –

“U defend gays but read de Bible? How dfnt are u frm so called islamic terrorists who bomb mosques? Just shutup & wish him speedy recovery!”, he tweeted

Lady Jay also wrote "It just dey pain me pass oo... Kinto kus3 aiy”.