Sexually provocative singer Maheeda is in need of your help.

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A few months ago she earned her Diploma in Dutch. Now she doesn’t know which course she should read next.

“After my diploma in Dutch, I need go forward with my education , but the decision is a little hard, I have a lot I'm interested in, do you think I should study to be a personal trainer or a nutritionist or a film producer or journalist .... ???” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram video. “And why are you choosing any of them for me? Thank you and know that your advice will go a long way to help my life and others waiting for me to be something to help them... Thanks in advance ...”

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Maheeda got her diploma from Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs in Holland.

"Another big Achievement in a foreign land ... I collected my diploma today... So proud of myself that I did this.... Next....... Let's go get them hahahaha      grateful heart" she wrote when she got her diploma.

Maheeda broke the Internet two weeks ago when she exposed her nipples on Instagram.