Internationally acclaimed singer,

Reports revealed that the change in wedding plans is as a result of her decision to finish her European tour.

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However, an insider close to the couple revealed that another reason for delaying the wedding plans might not be unconnected with the 'guests list.'

This is because the internationally acclaimed singer's soon to be mother-in-law, Ross Packer, has reportedly put on a happy face since her son got engaged, thus, might be inviting more than wanted guests.

"Rose is a woman raised in the country with very traditional values who has maintained a dignified silence for all the years she and Kerry were in the spotlight. Mariah is all bells, whistles and flashbulbs … they are very different women,’" says a long-term family friend.

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Carey and Parker announced their engagement on January 21 in New York, the Australian billionaire had given her a $7million engagement ring.