My next girl can't see it during sex; Medikal defends 'Fella' tattoo removal (VIDEO)

Medikal, while deeply in love with Fella Makafui, tattooed her name on his arm. However, in a recent development, he has covered the tattoo.

Medikal defends Fella's tattoo removal; 'my next girl can't see it during sex' (VIDEO)

This change occurred shortly after the 30-year-old Ghanaian rapper announced his split from the Ghanaian actress. Medikal, who shares a child with Fella Makafui, stated that they are now divorced and solely co-parenting.

Regarding the decision to cover the Fella tattoo on his arm, Medikal explained during a conversation on 3 Music TV that it was because he didn't want his future partners to see it during intimate moments.

"This is a bit personal; I don't want my next girlfriend or wife to see my baby mama's name while we're being intimate," he remarked.

In addition to Medikal's tattoo of Fella's name, the former couple also has matching tattoos of a half-face lion that forms a complete lion face when their hands are joined. It remains uncertain whether either of them will opt to cover these tattoos.


Nevertheless, Medikal expressed no regrets about his three-year relationship with Fella Makafui, which began after their marriage ceremony in March 2020.

"I don't regret it; everything is part of the experience. It's a normal thing that happened to me, it allowed me to experience life. There's no animosity between us," he stated in the video.


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