Michael Essien couldn’t stay with women for long because he’s gay - Prophet claims (VIDEO)

Renown Ghanaian preacher, Prophet Adu-Boahen claims retired footballer Michael Essien is gay and it is the reason why he hasn’t had long relationships with women.

Michael Essien and wife, Akosua Puni Essien

According to the founder of Christ Revival Baptist Church, the former Chelsea FC star’s recent support for the LGBT community in Ghana is enough evidence of his sexual orientation.

“Michael Essien didn’t just show support for the LGBT community for Ghana or the world to accept it, but he is fighting for himself because he is gay,” he claimed on Angel FM without any evidence.

“When he was at Lyon, he was very strong. And when he moved to Chelsea too, he was strong. So, people began to suspect him of being gay or using drugs to help him get stronger.”

“That is why he started introducing women into his life. And when he dates women, the relationships last just two or six months. He doesn’t like sleeping with women because he is gay,” he continued.

Adu-Boahen also alleged that Essien threw his weight behind homosexuals in Ghana to help him stay relevant and further challenged that if he has any kids, a DNA test should be performed to prove is they are his.

“If gay s a bad thing for Essien, he wouldn't come out to support it. He is also doing this to lift his coaching career because he lost relevance after retiring from playing football. His post on LGBT is enough evidence.”

“Where are his kids? If he has one, a DNA test should be conducted. He has never had a serious girlfriend. He engaged in relationships with women to cover up his gay status. We thank God Essien wasn’t given any coaching job in Ghana. He would have destroyed the young boys,” he concluded.

Watch Prophet Adu-Boahen below.


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