Minalyn Touch trashes reports of getting pregnant again for Zion Felix in breakup letter

Minalyn Touch is calling it quits with blogger Zion Felix. She has confirmed their split in a breakup letter she has posted on social media.

Zion Felix and girlfriend Mina

The Ghanaian makeup up artist, real name Mina Lawani, who has been in a relationship the Ghanaian blogger for over 5 years has taken to social media to announce their breakup.


The announcement comes as a response to rumours that she has gotten pregnant again for Zion Felix.

Trashing the report, she said "first and foremost, the rumors being speculated that I have taken seed and/or given birth to a baby boy with Zion being the father are absolutely false. There's no iota of truth in those speculations. I am not pregnant neither have I given birth to a baby boy".

In the long essay about her breakup with Zion, she added that "let me hasten to add that I have moved on with my life and no longer in an intimate relationship with Zion “Gold they say should be sold to the one who knows the value of it.”

Accusing the Ghanaian blogger of cheating on her by impregnating whilst there were together, she said "if another woman was able to force her way into our relationship destroying it in the process, then this can obviously be attributed to the fact that my partner availed himself and deliberately opened the door for that to happen".

"This I can confidently say wasn't a mistake as claimed but was premeditated. You will all bear me out that it is unfair for someone's uncontrollable actions to be my headache or someone else. Posterity will judge us all. I wish him and whoever is involved well," she emphasised in the post below which has gathered over 1200 comments in less than 24 hours.

Zion felix is yet to comment publicly on the break report by Mina. The couple started dating over 4 years ago and welcomed a daughter in September 2021.


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